We offer a wide range of services including expert advice and technical assistance for all equine professionals. Our transport is quick, safe and cheap for your horses to and from any destination.





Our  services include:
⦁ Domestic and international shipments by horsebox and/or airplane.
⦁ Shared or private travel organization from/to France, England, Ireland and Germany during the breeding season and thoroughbred auctions.
⦁ Import and export paperworks with italian authorities (MIPAAF) for horses from/to Italy along with the EU and third countries
⦁ Entries, forfeit, and declarations  of runners to foreign races which includes preparation of documents and veterinary certificates required for the export of horses for sport competitions.
⦁ Import / export papers, preparation for customers using a private horseboxes or an alternative transportation company.
⦁ Shipment of samples to the Italian and foreign laboratories for serology tests.
⦁ Supply foreign sale catalogues
⦁ Specialized staff in Rome to deliver and collect  practices documents at MIPAAF
⦁ ATA CARNET request
⦁ INTRASTAT –  Import / Export of horses in EU countries
⦁ International racing calendar
⦁ Horse paperworks of any kind in Italy and abroad
⦁ Health Certificates (TRACES) preparation
⦁ Transit stable


Horseracing, Endurance, Arabian Show, Polo, Quarter horses
Recently, Pianeta Cavallo has expanded its areas of expertise, covering all that is needed in the equine industry.
We offer our services to the most important Italian events which include horseracing, trotting, Endurance, Arabian Showing, Polo and Jumping